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Consulting on security systems and developing policies and procedures that will adequately protect personnel, structures, and property has become more complicated than ever. Up-to-the-minute knowledge of methods, equipment and technology, and the vision to understand the future needs of our clients, is vital in addressing the myriad of potential threats.

Security Consulting
  • Analysis of Security Requirements through identification of assets, threats, risk, and vulnerability

  • Audits and Condition Surveys of existing security programs

  • Security Master Plans

  • RFPs for competitive bidding of guard force services and security technology implementation

  • Security Policies and Procedures Manuals

  • Security Operations and Awareness Training




Security Implementation
  • Phase I - Support through pre-qualification of 3rd party security contractors, pre-bid conferences, proposal analysis, award recommendations and contractor negotiation

  • Phase II - On-site quality assurance, comprehensive testing and verification of effectiveness




Security Technology Evaluation
  • Evaluation and comparison of Techonolgy features and benefits

  • Analysis of methods of distribution and optimal use

  • Review of literature and promotional presentation of security products




Security Court Witness
  • Evaluation of case merit prior to litigation

  • Analysis of threat and risk levels

  • Assessment of security program capability to meet identified threats and risk

Security Consulting

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